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Vention Medical Acquires RiverTech Medical

our education reporter, Published On:16-Jul-2013


 KRG Capital Partners (KRG) announces that one of its Fund IV platform companies, Vention Medical, a firm that provides an integrated services solution for the design, engineering and manufacturing of complex medical devices and components, has acquired RiverTech Medical. With the  procurement of RiverTech, Vention Medical  will move on  to expand its extensive portfolio of advanced component technology offerings for the  prosperationand manufacture of catheter-based devices used in a range of interventional, surgical and minimally invasive procedures. RiverTech's breadth of experience with polyimide tubing will add to Vention's current capabilities including balloon catheters, catheter assemblies and a variety of other minimally invasive medical device applications.
The core genius group of various management shareholders so called as River Tech's will going to become shareholder in vention medical via transaction phenomenon and that will be be proceed on till they will lead the River Tech Business post acquisition
The primer investment  of KRG was in the month of the may in the year 2008 . The very first investment that this group has made was in VM i.e.Vention Medical. The acquisition of RiverTech Medical represents the 181(st) investment for KRG since inception.
About Vention Medical: Vention Medical is an innovative, global medical device solutions partner offering clients more than 30 years of experience in all phases of design, engineering, component manufacturing, and finished device assembly. Vention Medical specializes in components and services used in interventional and minimally invasive surgical products, including medical balloons, catheters, heat shrink tubing, clean room injection molding, finished device assembly and packaging services.
Get to know About the RiverTech: 
The leading supplier of tubing so called as polymide tubing is a River Tech. Different supply that it do will consist of  polyimide tubing, braided polyimide, composite tubing and wire coatings for numerous medical devices and medical device applications. The Company operates out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
About KRG Capital Partners:
KRG is a privately owned group that was Founded in  year1996,.KRG is a Denver based private equity buyout firm with $4.4 billion of accruing capital either  redidtributeor taht  available for applying it in  future  bankrollment, that includes approximately $1.1 billion deployed since inception by institutional equity co-investors. The Firm seeks investment  offers for its partners where KRG can work in concert with owners and operating managers who are committed to expanding their companies and becoming industry leaders. The final  result is a partnership that is focused properly in creating a significantly bigger enterprise by a process of combination of internal growth and complementary add-on acquisitions.  The growth with in the organization is result of the dedication  of the individual with in the partnershipSince inception, KRG has invested in 45 platform companies and has completed 136 add-on acquisitions for those platforms. For more queries please visit on respective website.

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