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Get Trained with a Guaranteed Job Opportunity

Mankeshwar Tripathi, Published On:08-Jan-2014

About Us- is a Delhi based career guidance and education consultancy firm that offers a wide range of services to educational institutions and corporate. Spearheaded by Alums of IITs, IIMs and NIFT, is known for the innovativeness of their offerings and the quality of their deliverables. helps educational institutions form a sustainable and scalable model to keep pace with current trends both in educational and Skill development. Now, is introducing an efficient and job oriented “Online Training Modules” for the students of different colleges.  Let’s discuss what actually these modules-


Online Training-

Online Training or E-Learning can be defined as using the Information and Communication Technologies and Electronic Media for educating the present generations. Online Training is like a tool which can be used for the fast paced learning free from geographical limitations.


Advantages of Online Training-

Online Training is much more advantageous in many ways as it will always be in control of you only. Some of the advantages of Online Training are as follows-


1. Flexible- Learn when you want, where you want, how you want, with whom you want.


2. Convenient- Get 24*7 assistance and availability, schedule your learning, Access your assignment on go etc.


3. Immediate and Cost-Effective- Quick Access, Low cost, save travelling expenditures, learning at your doorstep.


4. Individual Attention- Single user attention, individual assistance, classroom for individual, single learning.


5. Easy and Fun- Get live lectures, record your lectures, get videos of your missed lectures.


6. Life-Long Learning- Learn finding stuffs online, self-searching on internet, self-development for long terms


7. Self-Discipline- Learn self-motivation, Learn self-guidance, Learn self-evaluation, Learn self-analysis.


Training Modules-

Now let’s discuss the Training Modules which are being offered by


1- NSDC/NASSCOM Test: NSDC/NASSCOM Test will be conducted by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) which are the Public Private Participation body. NSDC, a body established by authorities of Indian Government is aimed at the promotion of the skill development by funding for-profit vocational institutes so as to meet the growing need of Indian IT Sector. Whereas NASSCOM is a non-profit global trade organisation of which several IT and Software based companies from around the globe are a member. It helps in the promotion of the business and trade of the Software and Services based companies and also help in the advancement of the Software Technologies.


NSDC has introduced a program named as “Star Scheme” which is an initiative to the boost the employability and productivity of the youth by providing them monetary incentives to voluntarily join an approved skill development course. On completing this training, NSDC will provide a certificate of successfully completing “National Level Skill Qualification Assessment Training Program” signed by NSDC, Government of India.


Test Procedure-

A Test will be conducted by the NSDC/NASSCOM. There will be two slots-


1- For IT Sector: The candidates have to give an Online Test and then an interview to complete the process.


2- For Retail Sector: The candidates of this sector have to give only an Online Test.


The candidates qualifying the respective slots will be given stipend up to Rs. 10000 and also an Online or Offline Training will be provided by after which they will be send for interviews in one of the member companies like Tata, Reliance, Bharti Airtel and Future Group and others top companies for getting a job. The registration fees initially collected will also get returned to the candidate clearing the Test.


Eligibility for Online Test-

The eligibility criteria for taking this test to be conducted are as follows-

1- Candidate need to be qualified at least their Intermediate or 10+2 level Exam.

2- Candidate must have a UID (Unique Identification Number)

3- Candidate must be of 18 years or more.

4- The candidate must be an Indian Citizen.

Note: We will help candidates with no UID in getting a new UID.         


Registration Fee-

Interested candidates have to pay an amount of Rs. 1650 as the Test Registration Fees which will be conducted by the NSDC. This amount taken as Registration fees will be refunded in case the candidate will not get a job even after clearing the test.


2- Online Training on SEO: An online Training on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be given by us to the interested candidates in which they will be taught will all the tips and tricks of the SEO from a basic level. A complete guide will be given to the candidate to make them expert in with the trends of SEO.


Benefits of Online Training on SEO-

The candidates undergoing the Online Training on SEO will be placed in a job SEO based company after completing their training successfully and effectively.


Training Fees-

The candidates have to pay an amount of Rs. 8000 as the training fees. If the candidate got placed by us in a company, in that case, he needs to pay an extra amount of Rs. 4000. But if the candidate will not get a job after the completing the training, Rs. 6000 out of Rs. 8000 submitted as the Training fees will be refunded.


Note: You can also pay the Online Training Fees mentioned above in three installments.


3- Online Training on Android- The third online training module is the Online Training on Android Apps Development. In this module, the candidates will be given an online training on Android based Application Development. Once a candidate completes the training, he will be awarded with a sure Job in the respective field.


Training Fees-

Candidates interested in getting the online training on android based application development have to pay an amount of Rs. 15000 as the Online Training Fees. An amount of Rs. 11000 will be refunded to the candidate in case we are failed to provide a Job to the candidate.


Note: You can also pay the Online Training Fees mentioned above in three instalments.


Eligibility for Training-

The candidates interested in this online training module should have basic knowledge of JAVA. Candidates having the knowledge of J2EE/J2ME will be an advantage.


4. College Corporate Model Training-

In this model we will provide training to every branch and every student irrespective of the year of study in the college and develop an online business model which will comprise of-


1- Developers- Our team will assist serious students in development of software or website which will be marketed by us in co-ordination with students, every investment will be done by us and students will get trained while working from grass root level on business model and further students will be recruited on same Business.


2-Tester- Students interested in software testing will be trained and will test own program or site.


3-Online Marketers- In this business model, students will do online branding of product.


Similarly every student will be a part of this project from 1st year till final year to learn and if students do better, then a Stipend model will be introduced.


5- College based Online Training- In this online training module, we will provide training on SEO in your college and will conduct the training along with the other theory classes undergoing in the college. We will provide the complete learning of the SEO and various trips and tricks which can be used as a tool in the SEO field.


Registration Fees-

For taking this Online Training module, the candidates have to pay an amount of Rs. 25000 per month. This amount can also be paid in three installments.


So, these are the five modules of the Online Training program which will be conducted by with the motive of making students industry ready and will also offer guaranteed job for all those students taking these modules. We will also help in learning soft skills and grooming to the students during the training so that they can acquire the perfect skills with the perfect etiquettes. Consequently this will boost the moral and self-confidence of each and every student and will help them to present themselves with confidence in this present competitive market.


Why take these Online Training Modules-

This question may rise in your mind for sure. Here are the points answering your such questions and doubts-


  • We are providing a guaranteed job oriented Online Training Program which will boost your career and land you with a Job in respective field for which you are trained.
  • 70-75% of registration fees will be refunded if we failed to provide a job to you.
  • Add more skills to your resume during your professional studies.
  • Get industry focused training over Live Projects.
  • Learn at your door step.


These are the some of the unique advantages of taking these modules. If you seems to be interested in taking these modules to your college campus, feel free to contact us at-


Call us at 01143560050 or Mail us at

This article is written by Ankit Kr.

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