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College Champ competition

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captcha image is launching College Champ Competition (OICCC-2013) for interested students to earn a Excellence certificate along with monthly scholarship of Rs. 5000. The competition consists of 3 rounds and the candidates will be shortlisted based on their performance in these rounds.

Competition details

College Champ Competition will be organized in Top 50 cities across India in this season. Following are the details of (OICCC-2013).

OICCC 2013

STEP 1: Journal writing competition or Article writing:

Students are supposed to write journals or Articles from the list of areas given and need to submit their journals or Articles in the 7 days of the topics releasing date.

Note: Articles or Journals should be original work of applicants.

STEP 2: Video or PPT making on respective Journal or Article:

Selected candidates from round one will have to make video or PPT on their respective Topic in round one and have to submit the entries within 20 days of release of shortlisted candidates from round one.

STEP 3: Polling for selected Video, PPT, Article or Journal:

Best Journal or article of Step 2 will be decided by public polls through social media sites. Journal or articles getting most number of likes, shares and comments on different social networking sites.


  1. Your content should not be copied from any web source.
  2. From where information is being taken that reference should be given.

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