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Aeronautical Engineering

Category: Engineering

Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. It specialises in the designing, construction, development,..

Agricultural Engineering

Category: Engineering

Agriculture is the most important sector in the Indian economy which contributes around 23% to the Gross products and more than 70% of the total work force is employed in this sector. Almost all rural India is dependent on agriculture and allied activities like animal husbandry, diary, poultry and f..

Automobile Engineering

Category: Engineering

Automobile or Automotive Engineering has gained recognition and importance ever since motor vehicles capable for transporting passengers has been in vogue. Now due to the rapid growth of auto component manufacturers and automobile industries, there is a great demand for Automobile Engineers. Automob..

Biomedical Engineering

Category: Engineering

Biomedical engineering is a division of engineering that deals with the study of engineering laws and techniques that are applied in the medical sector. Biomedical engineering develops and manufactures medical equipments, diagnostic devices and drugs. . Biomedical engineering course curriculum inclu..


Category: Engineering

In short, Biotechnology is one of the most prominent branches of future. This is an interdisciplinary science that lies on biology and other subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering. After completing this course, one can easily get a good job in this field which deals with that br..

Chemical Engineering

Category: Engineering

involves the knowledge of chemistry and engineering for the production of chemicals and related products. It comprises of the processes of converting raw chemicals and materials into valuable forms. It covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, p..

Civil Engineering

Category: Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the core disciplines of Engineering that envisages the implementation of science and technology while planning, designing and executing; ultimately producing what is known as the ‘Architectural Wonders’. A civil engineer is entrusted with a social responsibili..

Computer Science Engineering

Category: Engineering

From the cutting edge improvements in medical science helping to detect and cure fatal diseases like cancer early or landing, take-offs of commercial jetliners across the globe that keeps businesses ticking to things like cell phones, televisions, washing machines which makes day to day lives simple..

Dairy Technology

Category: Engineering

Dairy technology is a division of engineering that deals with the processing of milk and its products. Dairy technology study involves processing, storage, packaging, distribution and transportation of dairy products by implying the science of bacteriology, nutrition and biochemistry. The main occup..

Electrical Engineering

Category: Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a broad field of engineering which deals with science and technology involving electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, to design, construct, and maintain products, services and information systems. Electrical engineering is the historical name for what is now calle..

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