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About New Zealand

New Zealand was the last land mass on earth to be discovered, making New Zealand the youngest country on earth. New Zealand is an island country in Pacific Ocean located in South West. New Zealand was first voyaged by Maoris. New Zealand is mainly divided into two islands North and South islands separated by Cook Strait. New Zealand is full of hot springs and geysers. Newland at southernmost part is covered with Alps mountain range. Most people live around New Zealand's coastline and in the north. The capital is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland. New Zealand has stable parliamentary democracy and is a member of the Commonwealth.

Some useful facts about New Zealand

  • Landmass - 269 thousand km squared. A similar size to the United Kingdom, Japan and California.
  • Located at latitude 34 degrees south in the South Pacific.
  • 4.2 million People.
  • A developed nation with a high living standard, low unemployment and a diversifying economy.
  • One of the world's top 25 'innovator economies' as it adds knowledge and research to its traditional primary products.
  • Known for its independent position on nuclear energy, foreign policy, environmental sustainability and conservation.
  • New Zealand has three official languages - Maori, English, and New Zealand Sign Language.
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