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Cost of Study In Singapore:

Fees : Fees entirely depends on your university/college choice and courses you opt. for.

Living Cost: Standard of living in Singapore is amongst the highest in Asia. Compared to countries in western continents, the cost of living here is relatively low, and basic items like food and clothing are very reasonably priced.

Accommodation: $200-$1,500(rental varies with geographical area, type of accommodation, demand, facilities provided and the number of people sharing)

Utilities: $50-$80

Food: $300-$450

Public transport

$40-$100(varies with types of student concession pass)


$30-$50(varies with usage and package)

Books & Stationery: $30-$100(varies with courses)

Medical Hospitalization Insurance: $5 - $8

Personal expenses: $100-$200(varies with individuals)

Estimated : $750-$2,000

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