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About Germany

Germany is situated almost at the heart of Central Europe.

At the southern end of Germany are the Alps, the highest mountain range in Europe. In central Germany are the Harz Mountains. Germany also has many fertile plains which make good farm land. The Rhine River, in the western part of Germany, is a main waterway for transporting goods from northern ports.

Germany shares the longest boundaries at western line with France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Germany is bounded in the north by Denmark and Baltic Sea, east by Poland, east and southeast by Czech Republic, south east and south by Austria and south by Switzerland.

Germany geographically sizes around 138,000 square miles with around 81 million populations. Major cities in Germany are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf.

Brief History

Historically Germany is most remembered for Adolf Hitler and his destructive activities leading to devastated World War II. At the end of World War II, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany. East Germany maintained a communist government, while West Germany was a capitalist society. In early 1990, the Berlin Wall was torn down, reuniting the country. Since then Germany never looked backed and emerged as a central power in Europe.

Germany is a major industrial center in Europe. It is well known for its automobile manufacturing including the luxury Mercedes-Benz, the sporty Porsche and BMW, and Volkswagen. Germany also manufactures other machinery, electronics equipment, transportation equipment ,Medicines and chemicals. Dornier Light Weight Transport aircraft and Boeing are the masterpiece of German Avionics Industry. Several Pharmaceutical and chemical manufactures and their R & D known worldwide have German origin like Bayer Ltd. BASF, Hoechst Ltd.

Germany is the strongest economic hub in the global market with emphasis mainly on export Germany is the largest exporter worldwide and one out of six jobs created in Germany are from export markets.

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