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Why New Zealand

Features of New Zealand:

  • Courses available at affordable cost. Tuition fees as low as Rs. 5.5 lack.
  • Flexible Intakes are available (Feb/May/July/September).
  • Higher Visa Success Rate under Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS). Visa Approval within 10 working days.
  • Opportunity to get permanent residence after completion of course.
  • Pay Tuition Fees after Visa Approval.
  • Cost involved is comparatively less than the other major destinations like USA, Canada &Australia.
  • 1 year job search Visa after study.
  • Students can work 20 hrs part time.
There are various other reasons which attract numerous students from world for studying in New-Zealand:
  • New Zealand has become a trusted provider of world-class education. New Zealand tertiary providers are innovative and provide programs that are internationally recognized.
  • Tertiary institutions provide flexible pathways between different levels of study, which gives students a variety of options to consider.
  • New Zealand is known as a safe, clean and green country. New Zealand cities are lively and multi- cultural.
  • The cost of studying in New Zealand compares favorably with destinations such as Australia, UK, USA and Ireland.
  • Qualifications from recognized Indian Universities are accepted in New Zealand.

New Zealand education is increasingly international in character, driven by trends which include the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) revolution, employment markets extending beyond national borders, and a well-travelled population of students, teaching staff and researchers.

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