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How do I register on Oureducation?

Click on 'Join Now' and you will see a registration form (quite obviously!), which will take not more than 2-3 minutes to fill up. Just put in your information and agree to the terms and conditions and enjoy the various benefits of being part of Oureducationfamily.


How can I ask a question on 'Q&A'?

It's super easy to ask a question on 'Q&A'. Just click on the 'Ask a Question' button and post your queries. You can also search for questions from 'find a question'. It will help you in finding questions related to your topic. For example: If you are confused whether to take up MBA or MCA, just type 'MBA or MCA'. The search tool will display questions related to MBA & MCA with their answers.

How can I answer a question on 'Q&A'?

So, you want to share your knowledge. Most welcome! Click on the question, which you want to answer and it will take you on the discussion page. Then all you have to do is to click on the 'Answer Question' bar and share your answer.

Study Abroad:

How can the 'Study Abroad' section help me?

The 'Study Abroad' section lets you through listings of different colleges in different countries. Now simply click on the location/ country you want to study in. Here, you can get all the information regarding Colleges, Universities, and cost of living, Course Details, Life in the University, Accommodation and Other Details. There are also Funding Details available here (we know it costs a lot!).

Connect to Oureducation Experts:

Who are OureducationCounselors?

When it comes to deciding the right college or course, we know it's quite a task. So, OureducationCounselors will help and guide you in making the right decision. For example: If you ask them, which course should I opt for? Or which college is best for animation & multimedia? etc., they will try to give you the best possible advice.

How do I get in touch with Oureducation Counselors?

Don't worry about this. Just click on 'Oureducation Counselors' and put in your details like Name, Contact Number and E-mail Address and Oureducation Counselors will get back to you.


What are Admission Notifications?

The 'Admission' section will keep you informed about the deadlines of important admission events such as sale of forms, entrance examination of a particular college, submission of forms etc. Ahem! We know it's not uncommon to forget these important dates.

What are Result Notifications?

Sorry! We don't intend to increase your anxiety. But this 'Results' section will inform you about the date of results of your school/college. Don't worry! It's just a date, not your result.

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Career Options:

I want to do a particular course. How do I find out which colleges are offering it?

Good Question! And we have a good answer. Click on the career option of your choice in 'Browse by Categories' and you will see a list of institutes that offer courses in that particular field. For example: If you click on Engineering, the displayed page will show you the list of institutes falling under that category.

Country Name:

I want to study abroad. How can Oureducation help me?

So, you want to study abroad. Not a bad idea. Click on the country of your choice from 'Countries' section and it will display a list of institutes along with various necessary details.

Accounts & Settings:

How can I change my display name?

It's very simple my friend. Just go to 'Accounts & Settings' and click on 'Edit' and change your display name.

I have moved to another city. Can I edit it on my Oureducation profile?

Yes, it's simple. In your 'Accounts & Settings' section, there is an option of editing city. Just click on Edit and get going.

I have got a new mobile number. How can I update it on Oureducation?

It's as easy as it looks! Just go on 'Accounts & Settings' and click on 'Edit' under the 'MobileNo.'. In a jiffy you will be able to change or add your new mobile number.

I think someone has hacked my password. How can I change it?

Chill pal! Click on 'Change Password' under 'My Accounts & Settings' and put your 'Current Password' and a 'New Password'. This way you can simply update your new password.

I am getting too many alerts on my mobile. What should I do?

Oops! It's time for you to change your 'Privacy Settings'. Choose the other option like 'I wish to be contacted via Email' or just de-activate the service.

I want to edit my question on 'Q&A'. How should I do it?

Just go on 'Accounts & Settings' section and under the 'Q&A' section you will find your question. From there you can Edit it, Delete it or if you want, you can stop the discussion. Easy! Right?

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