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About UK

The UK is an exciting combination of four distinctive countries, each with their own cultures, living traditions, breathtaking architecture - new and old - and incredibly beautiful landscapes. And if you like, you can immerse yourself in them all by choosing to study in and explore the fascinating mix of history and innovation that is England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Above all, these countries that makes up the UK work together to help you to feel at home as soon as possible. The diverse, multi-cultural population of the UK means that in no time at all you can feel a part of UK life and experience the real English language, whichever of its countries you choose to discover. The UK has two distinct education systems: one for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and one for Scotland. Each is compatible with the other. The Scottish Parliament has devolved responsibility for education in Scotland. Wherever you choose to study, you will be able to study relevant, world-class qualifications of exceptional quality.

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