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Why Singapore

World Class Education System-

Education in Singapore has been the key since 1965 in Singapore since it became independent Republic. International students pursuing higher studies in Singapore are assured of world class education system that produce excellence globally.

  • Educational Hub in South East Asia- Singapore has strong educational system of its own and also It has good schools, with capable school leaders and teachers, and facilities that are among the best in the world. Many of the Singapore universities are affiliated to various Leading universities across the globe and many foreign universities of US UK and Australia have set up their own Asian campuses at Singapore. To name few are INSEAD, Tisch School of Arts, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, James Cook University, Australia. This not only provides international students opportunity to obtain degrees from them but also encourages Research and networking opportunities
  • Globally well connected- Singapore is globally well connected at the heart of Asia with Air and Sea Routes which enhances the opportunity for Education, finance and trade in Singapore.
  • Cutting edge- Infrastructure- Due to economically and politically stable country Singapore provides world class infrastructure and facilities of communication transport and others. The Malls Market places and tourist places are provided with world class amenities.
  • Safe & Green Environment- Surrounded by Ocean and Seas Singapore has beautiful landscape and Lush Green pollution free Environment which could be a wonderful experience here while studying.
  • Promising Future Job Market- Being a south east Asian Hub for trade business and finance. Singapore provides ample of opportunities to international talents in the field of Science & Technology, Banking and Finance, Media and Electronics, Telecom and with the presence of companies all around the world students tend to prefer jobs here in Singapore.
  • Affordable World Class Living Standard- As compared to US UK, Canada Singapore is much cost effective with high world class living standards.
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