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Compared to countries like Great Britain or the U.S. studying in Germany is much cheaper. At the same time that doesn't mean it's completely free of cost. Cost includes Semester Fees, Living Cost, Transportation, Insurance Cost, Books and apparels and Leisure.

Tuition fees in Germany

Tuition Fees

Mainly state funded university and institution do not charge tuition fees . However if you plan to study in Private universities or colleges you should be prepared to pay.

Semester Fee

only 350 euro to 500 Euro are being charged as Semester Fees from Students.

Living Cost

It is difficult to say exactly how much money a student in Germany needs per month. The cost of living varies from city to city. Generally students can live on less money in smaller cities than in large cities. And, of course, the amount of money you will need greatly depends on how economically you live.

Average Estimated Cost


This comprises the largest portion of monthly expenses for students. Rent in Germany varies greatly from places to places. The rental prices in some large cities like Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt are on higher side. Berlin being the only exception. Rent varies between € 185 and € 400 per month for accommodation.

Average monthly expenses for rent and utilities

Room in a student hall of residence: € 200

Room in a shared flat: € 245

Flat by yourself: € 400

Health Insurance

Medical facilities are excellent in Germany but they are Expensive. Public health insurance is mandatory in order to attend university in Germany. Therefore if you plan to stay longer, adequate health insurance is an absolute necessity. You will not be able to register for courses without official proof that you have public health insurance. The current monthly fee you need to pay for your health insurance incl. nursing insurance is € 54. And your spouse and children are also covered in it.

Others: Per month

Groceries :€200

Electricity :€65

Cell phone :€20 to 25€

Internet and fixed line :€15

Laundry(four times a month) :€10

Stationery(computer items, :€20

paper, printer cartridges,

books more expensive at

beginning of semester)

cinema ticket(concessions price):€4 to €8

a theatre ticket (concessions price):€6 to €30

a ticket to the museum (concessions price):€2 to €8

In Germany students are eligible for various discounts. Just produce your Student ID and you will be entitled for discounts and concessions on tickets and entrance fees to theatres, opera houses, cinemas, museums, public swimming pools, Cultural events, sports centre, restaurants and cafes and even in some super shopping Malls as well as public transport.


  1. Germans widely use Metric system of Calculation.
  2. Germans are well known for their stress on punctuality, thoroughness, reserve and straightforward nature and lack of humor so you need to be careful and ought to learn as soon as possible their etiquette to make Germans your lifelong friends.
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