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Candidates left with few options because of high prices of application forms

Shilpa Ranjan, Published On:24-May-2013

RANCHI : Students are finding it difficult to buy forms from many schools as they are sold at high prices.They would rather wait for their results and wait for cutt off marks to match with their score and then choose school where to take admission in.With the last day of submitting their forms in Ranchi,students are in huge rush to get admitteed to school for plus two (+2).

Average cost of form is Rs. 500 i.e. if student will apply to two or three schools for admission then he will have to pay an amount of Rs. 1500.This is creating problem to students who are financially weak.

Forms of DPS i.e. Delhi Public School, which is considered to be best CBSE board-affilated school of the city is now charging Rs. 750.The cutt-off marks for students who wants to take direct admission in science is 91% and for commerce it is 85%. If the seats will be not filled with high score then cutt-off marks will be reduced to 80% which will be considered as the lowest cutt-off for direct admission.

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