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Idioms and phrases 10th October

Niyati chaudhry , Published On:10-Oct-2017


Enough and to spare - more than required, plentiful

Today I cooked enough and to spare.

  1. Delicious and tasty

  2. A lot than needed

  3. Very bad

  4. Tasteless

Cold reception - to welcome someone in an unfriendly manner

They gave a very cold reception to us.

  1. Silent expression

  2. A violent response

  3. Not a hearty welcome

  4. Cold response

Clip someone’s wings - to reduce power of someone, to make someone weak

She clipped the wings of employees by reducing options for them.

  1. To shorten hair

  2. To reduce pay

  3. To increase pay

  4. To reduce power

Hold the scales even - impartiality, to be impartial

She hold the scales even for both children.

  1. To divide the wealth equally

  2. In the whole way

  3. To make the things difficult

  4. To be impartial

In doldrums - to be unhappy, depressed or sad

The situation made him went in doldrums.

  1. Joyful and happy

  2. Depressed

  3. Disappointed

  4. Foreign

Lick the dust - to face a defeat

In the final kabaddi match u Mumba licked the dust.

  1. To taste a defeat

  2. A strong competition

  3. Tie

  4. To win easily

Keep an open table - to entertain everybody

She keeps an open table for her friends.

  1. To support financially

  2. To give table in a gift

  3. To entertain all

  4. To maintain a distance  

Wear a long face - to look sad or gloomy

Even on trifling issues she wears a long face.

  1. Irritate others

  2. Become sad

  3. To make violent statements

  4. To make useless efforts

Upto the mark - perfect, as required

The decoration of the party was up to the mark.

  1. Perfect

  2. Not so good

  3. Beautiful

  4. Expensive

At sea - in a confused state

She was at sea during the exam.

  1. On vacations

  2. In hurry

  3. In confusion

  4. Relaxed

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