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Idioms and phrases 12th october

Niyati Chaudhry , Published On:12-Oct-2017


1. An open book - where nothing is a secret,If a person is an open book that means you can know everything about him , Nothing is concealed about him


As a businessman, my father always maintained that his transactions constituted an open book. (SSC data entry operator 2011)

(1) an account book always open

(2) a book of open confessions

(3) an opening of new ventures

(4) straightforward and honest dealings

Achilles’ heel - weak point of someone or something


Communicative english is the Achilles’ heel for the job aspirants. (SSC PRE 2013)

(1) weak spot

(2) source of strength

(3) what they cherish most

(4) top priority

Apple of discord - the thing which causes trouble

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The cauvery water issue led to apple of discord between the two governments.

(1) cause of anger

(2) cause of hatred

(3) cause of quarrel

(4) cause of animosity

Taken for granted - to think that something will remain always available,To not to value things that are valuable


We tend to take for granted the conveniences of modern life .(SSC TAX ASSISTANT 2008)

(1) to consider

(2) to admit

(3) to accept readily

(4) to care for

Storm in a teacup - to make an issue of not so important thing, To make an issue of a small problem

Don't worry about the silly row. It was just a storm in a teacup. (SSC TAX ASSISTANT 2008)

(1) important matter dealt with ease

(2) hot tea being served

(3) commotion over a trivial matter

(4) confusion and chaos

Look sharp - to stay alert or careful

Look sharp or you will miss the opportunity.(SSC SI 2014 )

(1) be confident

(2) pay attention

(3) take control

(4) make haste

Be shaking in shoes - to be frightened of something,To be anxious or to feel fear

When the inspector entered the class some of the students shook into their shoes. (SSC SECTION OFFICER 2008)

(1) stamped the ground with their shoes

(2) showed signs of anger

(3) trembled with fear

(4) stood up to salute

Set the record straight - to make something right,To correct a mistake


The beleaguered politician was anxious to set the record straight. (SSC SECTION OFFICER 2008)

(1) give a speech

(2) win party support

(3) give a correct account

(4) make a confession

By leaps and bounds - quickly, rapidly, in a quick manner

The population of our country is increasing by leaps and bounds.(SSC 2006)

(1) very slowly

(2) very quickly

(3) irregularly

(4) very systematically

Go through fire and water -  to face every difficulty in order to achieve something

He is so furious that he would go through fire and water to revenge himself on foe. (SSC 2005)

(1) approach everybody for help

(2) avail himself of any opportunity

(3) use any conceivable method

(4) undergo any risk

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