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CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad 2012

Abhishek Anand, Published On:03-Oct-2012

 CBSE annual Mathemetical olympiad will be conducted on 2nd December 2012 which will select students for International Mathemetics olympiad. 

Top 30 students selected through this process will be sent for (INMO) Indian National Mathemetics olympiad and finally selected students will be sent as representative of India in International Mathemetics olympiad.

Test centres: There will be two test centres in every state.

Mathemetical Olympiad Objective :  

Objective of Mathemetical olympiad is to find out Talent in field of Mathemetics 

Providing platform to solve challenging problems in Mathemetics

Encourage students to select there career in mathemetics

Promote & Support Talent for Mathemetics

Who can participate in Mathemetics olympiad

Any student from class 9 to 12th can take part in Mathemetics olympiad , although question papers will be same for all of them.

Very bright student from class 8 can also take part

All students needs to be sponsored by school ( one school can only sponsor 5 students)

All students sponsored by school has to pass through a common screening process

FEE to be paid for CBSE Group Mathemetical Olympiad

Fee of Rs 55 is to be paid on the name of Venue school , in the form of DD or cash

Duration & Date

Duration : 3 hrs

Date: 2nd Dec 2012

Venue: As allocated and selected

Last date

10th oct 2012

Syllabus & Pattern of examination

There is no certain opr designated syllabus for Mathemetics olympiad , there will be about 6-7 questions which needs to be answered.

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