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Current Affairs 28 th july

JITHIN LAL, Published On:28-Jul-2019


                     CURRENT AFFAIRS 

1.GST on electrical vehicles  reduced from 12% to 5 %  and from 18% to 5% on chargers .

  •  To encourage adoption of electric vehicles as decided by  GST council.

2.The National Green Tribunal  has asked  a report   from the Centre Govt  and the Delhi Jal Board .

  •  On the issue of wastage of water from overflowing overhead tanks in residential and commercial areas. 

3. 85% of food adulteration cases, most of them in  milk and dairy products, registered in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh are pending in courts since 2011.

  •  An inter­State racket involving adulteration of milk and dairy products was recently busted in the district.

4.Gujarat: Legislative Assembly of Gujarat has broken its 1993 record of the longest sitting on a single day — 12 hours and 9 minutes. 

  • Assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi termed it historic. There was a celebration in the House.

5. Chinese and U.S researches have been successful 

in predicting air pollution levels in northern Indian States.

It has  75% accuracy in predicting pollution levels, and the prediction can be done even a season in advance.

  •  India has been emerging as one of the world’s most polluted countries, with particulate matter PM 2.5 levels spiking more than 999 microgram per cubic metre in parts of Delhi

6.Wildlife survey organisations has informed 

  • 4 species of fauna and 18 species of flora have gone extinct in India in the past few centuries.

  • Director of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) said India is home to 11.5% of all flora in the world.
  • As per the reports of the International Union for Conservation Of Nature, a new study has shown that since 1750, more than double the number of plants have disappeared from the wild than birds, mammals and amphibians combined.

7.Underwater melting of glaciers is occurring much faster than was predicted

  •  Scientists used a new approach to directly measure submarine melt, which could improve projections of sea level changes .

8.PM Modi in 'Mann Ki Baat' Those trying to spread hate in Kashmir will never succeed. 

  • As he tried to emphasis on the fact that power of development is stronger than the might of bullets and bombs.

9. Doctors and Students of  AIIMS wore black badges to work in order to protest against the National Medical Commission (NMC)  Bill which, they alleged, was “anti-poor.

  •  Health and Family Welfare Minister Harsh Vardhan introduced the bill in Loksabha recently.

10.An online encyclopaedia — Securitypedia was  launched by The Central Industrial Security Force .

  • The date bank consists of  security ­related practices across the globe .

  •  Technical lab has been established  at National Industrial Security Academy in Hyderabad to maintain and update technical knowledge about the latest innovations in the field of safety and security that can be used in places like airports and government offices.

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