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Current Affairs of 26th May;2020

JITHIN LAL, Published On:26-May-2020


                 CURRENT AFFAIRS 

1.The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced eight candidates to enter human trials.Several people step forward to participate in human challenge trials as the race to develop a new vaccine for the virus is increasing.

The trial involves infecting volunteers intentionally with COVID-19 virus. 

This is done to speed up the process of vaccine development.The main benefit of the human challenge trial is that it accelerates testing.

Many efficacious vaccines shall be available more quickly. Also, the number of people required in phase 3 of these trials is less than the regular trials.

2.The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notified emission norms for the L7 category for BS-VI. With the notification, the BS-VI process L, M, and N category vehicles in the country get completed.

The emission norms will encourage the production of Quadri cycles. The quadricycle segment in India was introduced in less than 2 years. Thus, the full-fledged production has not completely begun. The quadricycle segment was introduced in 2018 for both commercial and private use.

3.The Mizoram State Government has recently provided industrial status to Sports.This has been done by the government to attract investment in the Sports industry.

The Mizoram Government is framing new industrial policy under which the sports have been included as sports category.The State of Mizoram is known for its great interests towards sports.

Mizoram has a pool of football players that play in leading clubs of India.The state has also done extremely well in hockey and weightlifting as well.

4.The NASA researchers have found high energy particles erupting from ice in the Antarctic region.The researchers believe that these particles are proof to parallel universes.

The ANTIA is a high-energy cosmic neutrino that detects radio pulses that are being emitted by Antarctic ice sheet.The neutrinos in the ice produce radio pulses due to Askaryan effect.

The ANTIA instrument detect cosmic-ray neutrinos through a scientific balloon that is flying in the region of Antarctica.It is the first NASA observatory of neutrinos.The researchers have special interest for neutrinos as they are the only particle that reach the earth unattenuated.


1.Which country announced to provide $3 million assistance to India, through its ‘Partnerships for Affordable Healthcare Access and Longevity (PAHAL)’ project?

ANS:United States

2.Who has recently assumed charge as the next Economic Affairs Secretary, after superannuation of Atanu Chakraborty?

ANS: Rajesh Verma

3.Which is the first state to bring its migrant labourers, after lock-down, through the Special Shramik Trains run by the Ministry of Railways?

ANS: Jharkhand

4.As per the recent statement of World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the ozone hole over which region has depleted significantly?

ANS:Arctic region

5.As of May 2020, how many states have been integrated with the ‘One nation, One ration card’ scheme?



1.Who wrote the book Gita Govindam?


2.What is the name of the only Island district of India and where it is situated?

     Majuli Island in Assam

3.Who was the court physician of Kanishka?


4.Project Sankalp started for the purpose of?

     To eliminate AIDS/HIV

5.Ring of fire found commonly in?

     Pacific ocean

6.Eustachian tube is located in which part of the human body?


7.Which governor general decided to make english as the medium of instruction in India?

     Lord William Bentick

8.Which is called the "Land of the midnight Sun"?


9.What was "Komagata Maru"?

     A ship

10.India has a land boundary of?


11.There are how many vocal cords in the human voice box?


12.Who discovered colour photography?

     James clerk Maxwell

13.The youngest Indian woman to achieve the title of grandmaster of Chess is?

     Koneru Humpy

Source: The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau website

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