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Current Affairs of 30th May;2020

JITHIN LAL, Published On:30-May-2020



1.Goa celebrated its Statehood Day. Goa was the 25th state to join the union of India.As India gained independence on August 15, 1947, Indian requested the Portugese to cede their territories.

However, Portuguese refused. In 1961, Indian Government launched Operation Vijay and annexed Daman and Diu, islands and Goa with the Indian mainland.

On May 30, 1987, the territory was split and Goa was formed. Daman and Diu remained Union Territory. Konkani is the official language of the state.

2.The Locusts swarming in the Northern parts of India have so far reached Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, much of the movement of these locusts is mainly due to Westerlies.

The Locust Warning Organization that monitors locust swarms announced that there is no immediate danger to Delhi due to these swarms.

There were eight locust attacks between 1812 and 1889 in India. Also, between 1926 and 1931 India faced Rs 2 crores (100 million USD today) of crop damages. 

3. Every year, on May 31, World No Tobacco Day is being marked by the World Health Organization. The day creates awareness about the dangers of using tobacco.

 The World No Tobacco Day initiative was adopted in 1987 by the WHO. The day also draws attention to more than 8 million deaths that occur due to Tobacco. This year the day is celebrated under the following theme Protecting Youth

4.The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology cultured COVID-19 from the patients infected with the virus.

The virologists at CCMB will isolate infectious viruses from the patients. The isolated virus will be used for vaccine development and drug testing.

Virus Culture is important for development of antibodies. The inactivated virus when injected into human bodies will trigger antibody responses.

The antibodies generated are processed, collected and purified and used for therapeutic intervention. The cultured virus also helps in the process of drug screening.

5.Army Commanders Conference was held in New Delhi. The event was held in two phases.

The Conference was chaired by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

 The existing and developing security challenges were discussed in the conference.

The conference also discussed human resource management issues and merger of training establishments. Also, the Army Welfare Education Society and an Army Welfare Housing Organization were organized during the event.


1. Who was the father of modern historiography?


2. Sattriya is classical dance of which state?


3. The country famous for Samba dance in the world is?


4. Which vitamin is needed for blood coagulation?

    Vitamin K

5. World No tobacco day is observed on?

    31st May

6. What is the botanical name of a tea plant?

    Camellia Sinensis

7. Golden handshake scheme is related to?

    Voluntary retirement scheme

8. Tripitak is sacred book of?


9. Ragini is a popular folk song of which state?


10.Which whale is known for its intelligence?

     Sperm Whale

11.Who discovered Aspirin medicine?


12.Who discovered blood circulation?

     William Harvey

13.Who discovered a blood group?

     Land steiner

14.Who discovered the RH factor?

     Landsteiner & Weiner

15.Veliconda group of low hills is a structural part of?

     Eastern Ghats

16.What is the difference between IST and GMT?

     5 Hours 30 Minutes

17.Which city is called as the Zero-Mile centre of India?


18.Where is "Ninety East Ridge" situated?

     Indian Ocean

19.Which is the highest peak of Nagaland?


20.Very thin bend of himalaya is known as?

     Syntaxial bending

21.Dyarchy was introduced through which act?

     Government of India Act of 1919

22.The Indian legislature was made Bi-cameral for the first time by?

     Government of India Act of 1919

23.Which act introduced communal electorate in India?

     Indian council act of 1861

24.In which year did the parliament adopt Indian constitution?


25.Maithali & Santali was added by which amendment?

     92nd C.A 2003

Source: The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau website

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